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The struggle is real when it comes to getting up every day…but the start of it will sound so much better with the McMasters playing your favorite new hit country every weekday starting at 5:30! Call or text in during their show!

Join them for Textfession Thursday, All The F-Words Friday, Jumpstart Trivia at 6AM, the Early Risers Club and more!

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Latest Podcast

  • Jeff WINS The Thousand Dollar Minute!

    Jeff won $1,000 today playing The Thousand Dollar Minute! Would you have won?

  • Mike Plays The Thousand Dollar Minute

    Mike got SO close to winning $1K today! Would YOU have won?

  • Chris Janson Interview

    Sean & Andrea talked with Chris Janson about his new song and video with The Rock! What a great story. We had a blast talking to him! Take a listen!

  • Bill play's the $1K Minute

    Bill played The thousand Dollar Minute today. He was SO close to winning!! Listen to Sean & Andrea every weekday morning at 7:50 for your chance to play! How many did you get right?

  • Stuart plays the $1K Minute

    Stuart plays the $1K Minute with Sean & Andrea. He was so close! Would YOU have won?

  • Playing Chess

    ICYMI - Maybe the funniest conversation we have ever had! Get ready to laugh out loud! Tune in each weekday morning 5:30-10 for more fun with Sean & Andrea!


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