Dana Race


Singer/Band – Jason Aldean

Movie – Who has time to watch a movie!!

Actor/Actress – Who is the hot guy from Magic Mike with the abs? 

Book – ‘Unf**** Yourself” -(It’s a motivational book)

Sport – J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!

TV – Sons of Anarchy or any comedy special

Holiday – Does my birthday count as a holiday?

Food – I’m 100% Italian, so I have to go with meatballs, then buffalo chicken pizza.

Restaurant – Any restaurant where are can have an adult beverage!

Shopping – Does online count?

Pets – Dogs 

Cereal – Out of the box or with milk?

Smell – Any thing that smells clean!

Lunch Meat – Fresh cut turkey breast

Bungee Jump? – Why!!!

Pet Peeves – Chewing with your mouth open!

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