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Our new apps just launched! If you have an iPhone or iPad, click "Download on the App Store".

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Note: If you had our old app for your iPhone or iPad, it will automatically update when you update your apps. If you had our old "100.9 The Cat" app on Android, you'll need to download a new app "The Cat Albany" and delete "100.9 The Cat" in order to get the new experience! If you have any questions, please click here and email us and we'd be happy to answer any questions!


You can now listen to The Cat with Alexa using our new upgraded HD stream, but first you need to enable our skill! This is a one-time thing.

  • Click here to enable our skill — again this is a one-time thing — or say “Hey Alexa, enable one hundred point nine the cat!”
  • After that, you only need to say, “Hey Alexa, play one hundred point nine the cat” to hear our new HD stream!

Note: You’ll know you set it up properly if you hear a welcome message after saying “Hey Alexa, play one hundred point nine the cat!” If you don’t, try enabling our skill again. If you’re still having issues with your Alexa-enabled device, please contact us and choose ‘other’ and let us know what your issue is!

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On 100.9 & 107.1 FM

You can listen to The Cat on your radio on 100.9 FM (WKLI-FM) in the Albany area, as well as 107.1FM (WKBE-FM) in Saratoga County and further north!

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