Discover Country Singer Nancy Hays

Nancy Hays (Provided By Nancy Hays Entertainment)

Nancy Hays - International Line Dance Recording Artist and Country Music Singer

In addition to showcasing legends and stars on my radio shows, I love introducing people to new music or discovering an artist that's been making great music. Today, we shine a spotlight on Nancy Hays.

Nancy Hays is best known for one of the most popular Country Line Dance songs of all-time, 'Come Dance With Me'.  The song is an international hit, played at dance events all over the world, and always filling the floor.  In addition to other Line Dance Hits, like 'Get In Line' 'One Thin Dime' and 'Put On Your Dancin' Boots', Nancy Hays has recorded some great Country Music. Check out her 2023 single posted below, 'Heart Like Train'- along with other fan favorites '1,2,3 One Too Many Times' and 'Friends For A Day & Age.'.  Nancy's catalog is full of sing-a-longs like 'Deep Down' 'Ground I Walk On' 'Baby Don't Go' 'True Love' and 'If It Looks Like Love'. 

Nancy is an extremely diverse performer- flawlessly delivering traditional classic country performances to commanding a lead role in a broadway production, or honoring crooners like Judy Garland with grace and glamour!  Whatever she chooses to perform, the fans eat it up and enjoy every note!  From her time performing at Opryland USA in Nashville to opening for legends like Lee Greenwood, George Burns, Conway Twitty, Danny Thomas and Glen Campbell- Nancy was meant to be on stage!

I hope you'll take a moment to discover the great music and talents of Nancy Hays (ask 'Alexa' to play 'Nancy Hays' or stream her music on-line at 

We are excited to welcome Nancy Hays, and her great music, aboard our Country Line Dance Fans Cruise in February 2025- Click Here For Cruise Info.

Click Here To Learn More About Nancy Hays.

Click Here To Learn 'Come Dance With Me' (choreographed by Jo Thompson).

Click Here For The Country Line Dance Fans Cruise with Kevin Richards & Nancy Hays.



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