Scary Moment After Rattlesnake is Found in Lake George Hotel

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Ironically, the right people were to handle the situation

You're enjoying your summer stay in Lake George. Everything is perfect. Warm weather, beautiful conditions on the lake. Then, you're traumatized as a rattlesnake slithers across the floor of your hotel lobby. 

Ok, maybe it wasn't that dramatic, but a rattler across the hotel floor isn't something you see everyday, but it recently happened at a Lake George hotel.

As luck would have it, ENCON officers Thibodeau and Kelley were nearby attending a training course on the safe handling of rattlesnakes. When the call came in, they were able to find trap the snake - and peace was restored to the hotel. 

The DEC says the retile is a timber rattlesnake, which is common in the Lake George area. 


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