New Speed Limit in Albany


Most city streets have a max of 30 mph, but that is changing

The city speed limit will no longer be 30 mph in the City of Albany after the Common Council voted unanimously to lower the limit. On most city streets, the limit will be reduced to 25 mph. 

Common Council member Deborah Zamer had been working on the legislation since 2022, telling the Times Union

It’s not a one-shot solution but it is a necessary tool in our toolbox to improve safety for our residents.

The legislation cites data from AAA studies that show fatalities are less likely when a vehicle is traveling at 25 mph or lower as compared to 33 mph or higher. Zamer also says the council may look at speed cameras to enforce the new limit. 

The new speed limit does not apply to certain streets, including: 

  • Old State Road
  • Washington Avenue from I-90 exit 2 to Jermain Street
  • Central Avenue at Everett Road
  • Everett Road 
  • South Pearl Street from the city line to Binghamton Street
  • The Port of Albany
  • South Port Road
  • Normanskill Street
  • Smith Boulevard
  • Dunham Drive
  • Raft Street
  • Boat Street
  • Church Street from the Broadway South intersection



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