Sean & Andrea's Shameless Bribe

We’re bribing you with your chance to win $1000 and we're not even hiding it. Sean and Andrea are straight up bribing you to listen to The Cat! You have a chance to win a grand every weekday with Sean and Andrea's Shameless Bribe!

Listen for Shameless Sean & Andrea to give you their cash keywords every weekday after 7AM, 10AM, 1PM & 4PM!

Enter those keywords on The Cat Albany app or down below and you could win a thousand bucks! Sean & Andrea's Shameless Bribe is brought to you by Cole's Collision, getting you back on the road since 2006. Book now at

You could get paid to listen! Sean & Andrea's Shameless Bribe kicks off this Monday on 100.9 & 107.1 The Cat! This is a nationwide contest.

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