$1,000 Thursdays

It’s $1,000 Thursdays Presented by Next Generation Siding
Thank you so much to everybody who played! Now it's time for The Cat's 100FT Christmas Tree starting Monday!!

$1,000 Thursdays are Presented by Next Generation Siding -- Beautify your home. Next Generation Siding, making great strides to side!

$1,000 Winner - Week 1Ashlee in Selkirk

$1,000 Winner - Week 2Alyssa in Schenectady

$1,000 Winner - Week 3Sarah in Schenectady

$1,000 Winner - Week 4Garnet in West Rupert, VT

$1,000 Winner - Week 5Jeff in Albany

$1,000 Winner - Week 6Cortney in Hagaman

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