Richie Phillips' Randy Travis AI Parody

Courtesy of Richie Phillips / Photo by Cheryl Howe

Radio Legend Richie Phillips Has Fun With New Randy Travis AI Song

There has been quite a buzz around Randy Travis' new single, 'More Where That Came From', created with Artificial Intelligence. Randy Travis fans are excited to hear something 'new', after watching his inspirational journey recovering from a near-fatal stroke in 2013.  Check out the song here.

In 2022 and 2023, Randy and Mary Travis were featured guests in Kevin Richards' Country 'Close Up' Series at the Wood Theater in Glens Falls, NY.  Randy and Mary shared an uplifting experience with die-hard fans, in a presentation that could never be duplicated (Read a review here).  CMA Winner Richie Phillips opened the show with a Randy Travis Sing-A-Long, with musician Mark Pierre. As usual, Phillips had the audience giggling with his comedy bits and song parodies.  After the release of Randy Travis' new single, Phillips went to work to make us laugh again.  Take a listen to Richie Phillips' Randy Travis AI song posted below.

Check Out Kevin Richards' Interview with Randy and Mary here.

Check Out Richie Phillips' Interview with Randy and Mary here.

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