Randy Travis Uses AI To Clone Voice For New Music

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Randy Travis Uses AI To Clone Voice For New Music

Randy Travis has just dropped some great news for his fans! As we know, from his appearances in our 'Close Up' shows at the Wood Theater in Glens Falls, NY (2022 & 2023), Randy was preparing to drop some never-before-heard music from the recording vaults, recorded prior to his stroke in 2013. Randy has released a few of these songs over the last few years, but now comes something entirely new- a song he never sang before, with AI cloning his voice!

In 2013, Randy's voice was 'silenced' due to a stroke, but AI has given him his voice back! A controversial topic in the music business over the last year has been the use of Artificial Intelligence to create music and art.  Although there are strong opinions on both sides, in Randy's unique situation, this technology could be seen as a blessing for fans!  Producer Kyle Lehning "gave Randy his voice back" by 'cloning' his voice for a new song "that he never sang before". Billboard reports: "With another singer pitching in, a custom AI program overlaid Travis’ voice on the new recording, with Lehning using the country legend’s input to “painstakingly” mold the AI-generated vocals into a song that felt authentically Travis." (click to learn more)

Randy's miraculous recovery has been quite inspirational- as he and his wife Mary have shared their journey in book, movie, songs and interviews over the last decade- with Randy noticeably improving at every event. Furthermore, they launched the Randy Travis Foundation to help others facing the same struggles. 

Randy posted this note on his social media to make the announcement:

It’s been a while since my last new recording, but I’m excited to share that this Friday, May 3, I will be releasing my first brand new studio recording in more than a decade, “Where That Came From”.

You’ll hear much more about the special team of folks who came together to help make this magical moment in my career possible in the coming week. In the meantime, just know that when it comes to me singing songs for you, there’s always more where that came from. Thank you for singing along all these years.


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