Battery Tech, Karma Cash & More!

Battery Tech, Karma Cash & More!

Pete Kelly

From the future of batteries being developed in Niskayuna to karma resulting in a million dollar payout, here are some feel good news stories you may have missed!

GE in Niskayuna Developing Batteries That Never Die

GE in Niskayuna is developing next-gen batteries that last forever and resist corrosion through metallic regeneration at its local research lab. The batteries are part of a Department of Defense project and GE and partners have been awarded $11 million in grants by DARPA. The batteries could be used in cars, airplanes, and infrastructure.

‘988’ Suicide Lifeline Receives 1.7 Million Calls In First Five Months

The 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline was launched in July and has already reached millions of people. It received 1.7 million calls, texts and chats in its first five months, more than its predecessor in a year. The 988 number is a quick and easy way for people in crisis to connect with mental health professionals. The line plans to expand further with additional funding from the federal spending bill.

Line Cutter Karma Results in Million Dollar Jackpot

A Florida man recently hit the jackpot by winning $1 million on a scratch off ticket after another shopper rudely cut in front of him while he was purchasing the ticket. Steven was patient and waited, which ultimately led to his big win of a $820,000 lump sum cash payout.

Weakness Of Asteroids Discovered; Could Save Planet In The Future

NASA’s Planetary Defense team recently did a test called DART and were able to change the path of an asteroid. A group of scientists in Australia looked at an old asteroid and found out that “rubble pile” asteroids, which are made of loose rocks and boulders, can last for billions of years. This means that if an asteroid is heading towards Earth and could be dangerous, it’s probably made of loose rocks, and a nuclear explosion near the asteroid could change it’s direction and miss Earth.

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