Brain Cancer And Weight Loss Breakthroughs & More!

Brain Cancer And Weight Loss Breakthroughs & More!

It’s the first Feel Good Friday of the year! Here are some positive news stories you may have missed…

Breakthrough Obesity Treatment

Scientists have found a way to change fat cells in obese mice so they behave like healthy fat cells. They did this using a substance called P-G3, which stopped the cells from storing fat but didn’t affect their other functions. The mice that received P-G3 injections had healthier fat cells like those found in healthy newborns or athletes. This could lead to a new way to remove body fat in humans without surgery!

Hero Saves 24 People in Buffalo Blizzard

Jay Withey broke into a school during that massive snowstorm in Buffalo last week and used the school’s snow blower to help stranded elderly people and bring them in for shelter. He also gathered food and supplies from within the school including granola bars, water, blankets, apples, juice, and cereal to help those seeking shelter.

Jay and the 24 people he brought to the school, along with 2 dogs, spent the night watching football games and storm updates on TV and the kids played in the gym. They ended up spending Christmas Day at the school.

Many are calling him a hero, including family members of those who he helped. Mario Johnson, who was in in the school, says, “My mom and I are so appreciative to our guardian Angel. Jay is now my little brother for life.”

New Vaccine Could Cure and Prevent Brain Cancer

Scientists in Boston have developed a vaccine that could cure and prevent brain cancer. It works by repurposing living cancer cells to destroy the tumors that created them. The researchers used a technique to change proteins in the cancer cells and make them better at killing tumors. They tested the vaccine on mice with brain cancer and it worked well. This could potentially be a big breakthrough for treating a deadly form of brain cancer called glioblastoma.

Pilot Adopts Dog Left At Airport

Polaris, a dog abandoned at San Francisco International Airport, has been adopted by United Airlines Captain William Dale after the dog was abandoned by his owner at the airport. An adoption celebration was held at the airport on December 15, with Polaris dressed in a Santa costume. Polaris will now have a loving home with Captain Dale and his family who will treat him right, and not leave him abandoned.

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